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Digimix allows you to create and share personalised playlists based on your memories.

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How it works

1. Search for tracks to add

Search using Spotify's extensive music collection for songs that match your memories.

2. Add an image and note

You have the choice to add a personal image and a message for each track you choose.

3. Attach a cover image and title

When you have finished adding songs, give it a title, a cover message and personal image.

4. Share and save your Digimix

Share your Digimix so others can see your pictures, messages and can save it to their Spotify.

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Turn your Digimix into a digitally interactive gift card.

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Check out some sample playlists

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We've always had a good time belting out power ballads, so here they all are in a playlist for you x
Fabulous summer vacation, 2017
We had such a wonderful time. Here's to many more memories...

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